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We are a group of Surrey ICBC Lawyers that has office locations in both Surrey, Vancouver and Abbotsford. With over ten years of experiences, we know it is very important that you notify ICBC as soon as you can about the accident you are involved in so that they can open a file for you. In many cases, there are compensations that you can get for your sufferings, especially when you are not totally at fault. These include, but not limited to the compensation monies you can get, any special treatment that is required for your car accident injuries, or the income loss because of you cannot go to work. While these compensations vary from people to people, and from cases to cases, it is often difficult to know if you are getting an adequate and fair amount.

When you get into a car accident, it could be one of your worst experience in life. It is important to understand that in many countries, there are supporting systems that are designed to help you in such situations. If you have proper vehicle insurance, the damages to your vehicle as well as any pain you have to suffer are most likely be compensated by the insurance company. In British Columbia, all cities including but not limited to Surrey, BC or Vancouver, BC, or Abbotsford, BC the only insurance company we have is ICBC.

Recently the BC government is planning to place a cap on pain and sufferings on minor ICBC injury claims. You might wonder if your car accident related injuries are actually minor and your compensations are limited by the cap, or is there any component in your ICBC claim that is not limited by the cap.

Aside from a fair and adequate compensations, there are several other things that you should know about ICBC injury claims such as the time limit to settle a claim. Depending on your accident, there could be other things as well, for example, hit and run car accidents might need to go through a different process with different requirements for you before you can settle your claim.

The role of ICBC lawyers or Car Accident Injury Lawyers

Since there are many related aspects in every car accident cases, injured victims are usually left confused about all the law related things. While many of which are currently discussed in many forum, such as in our Legal Tips section or in our weekly V-Log, many in-depth details pertaining to special cases are still difficult to be understood thoroughly. This leads to the right of a car accident injured person being not taken care of completely. Many people still choose to settle their claim with ICBC immediately because they think there is no extra support, or lawyers are generally very expensive.

As discussed in one of our episode, settling directly with ICBC is not and never be an ideal solution if you are actually seeking for fairness and adequateness in your compensations. So the question here is what should we, the unfortunate, injured people in car accidents do? This is where car accident injury lawyers come into place to support you in your unfortunate event. Unlike most other types of law practicing, car accident injury lawyers often do not charge an upfront fee. They usually work on a percentage-base model and only charge once the case is settled and closed. So whenever you get paid by ICBC, your lawyer will get some percentages of your compensation as the legal fee, usually not more than 25%. This is one of your best support for your car accident injury cases as a car accident injury lawyer usually has many experiences in dealing with injured people, they sometimes know which treatments are the best for their clients as well as are able to judge if the offered compensations from ICBC are fair and adequate.

In many places in British Columbia, such as Surrey or Vancouver or Abbotsford, you can always look for Car Accident Injury Lawyers. For example, you can look for Surrey ICBC Lawyers or Surrey ICBC Car Accident Lawyer in Google Search. You will be presented with a vast information and a lot of law firms that are practicing the (what we called) Personal Injury Law. From here you can choose a law firm to represent you in settling your case with ICBC. Of course it is unnatural for this post to advocate for Steve Kooner Law Corporation (right? 🙂 ), however, you can always look at the review section of each firm to decide if that is the right one for you.

One tip is to look for law firms that has a long history of doing Car Accident Injury cases in your area, such as Surrey ICBC Lawyers or Vancouver. The reasons are as follows. First, if a law firm is young they might not have a broad network of treatment providers who you can rely on to take care of your injuries. Second, working with a local law firm saves you time and effort as you are likely going to be in touch with your lawyers for some times. Third, a law firm that has a long record of settling the claim will have more experiences dealing with the ICBC insurance adjusters.

Steve Kooner Law Corporation

In our law firm, we have a dedicated V-Log hosted on Facebook where through a series of informative videos we discuss safety tips for driving in general as well as tips for preparing ICBC claims. This is a very good reference point for people who are recently involved in car accidents or people who commute everyday to know more about Steve Kooner Law Corporation and its CEO, Steve Kooner.

After more than a decade practicing Car Accident Injury law, Steve Kooner and his team have been helping countless of car accident victims in claiming a fair and adequate amount of compensations. While nothing can compare with the pain and suffering, through our in-person supports, we always strive to bring reliefs to our car accident clients.

If you found your way to this line, thank you very much for your time reading. Make sure to checkout our V-Log, subscribe it if you found it informative and useful and become one of our family members 🙂

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