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There is a TWO YEAR TIME LIMIT from the date of the motor vehicle accident and injury to start a court action. If a person fails to start a court action within the TWO YEARS time limit, then that person has no case. Furthermore, if a case involves a Hit & Run, there is an obligation to provide WRITTEN NOTICE under Section 24 of the Insurance (Vehicle) Act to the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia as soon as practicable and no later than SIX MONTHS from the date of the motor vehicle accident and a victim of a hit & run must make reasonable efforts to identify the hit & run person and vehicle. Moreover, if a case involves a municipality, there is a TWO MONTHS time limit to serve the municipality WRITTEN NOTICE of a claim and a SIX MONTHS time limit to start a court action involving a municipality.

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What Are Some of the Time Limits for ICBC Cases?

T-boned Car Accidents

t-boned car accidents, ICBC lawyers surrey

T-boned car accidents…

To all the yellow light runners, trust me, it is more common than you think!

From the elite ICBC Lawyers at Steve Kooner Law Corporation, a Surrey based law firm. Find out more at Steve Kooner in Your Corner.

Why do people got into T-boned accidents?

It might not be what you can think of, but there are countless of reasons why people got involved in this type of accident. The most straightforward situation is probably running a yellow light that is turning red. That is, if you are running a yellow light, chances are there are other vehicles are waiting to turn left in that intersection. They might not see you coming, or were also running the yellow light to turn left. Of course, as a consequence of every accident you cause, your insurance rate will shoot over the roof top for at least the next 3 years. Your insurance policy has to pay off for the other party’s claim and it might be not enough, to name a few.

What to do?

If your car is insured, which is mandatory for all motor vehicles in British Columbia, ICBC auto insurance will cover all the cost for you as if you were involved in every other car accidents. That is, if you are injured, all the treatments expenses will be paid off by ICBC. If you are unable to work due to your accident-related illness, ICBC has you covered too. This applies even when the at-fault party flee the scene (a.k.a hit and run accidents).

However, there is a catch in all ICBC claims. You have to contact ICBC immediately to report about the accident. There are statutory time limit to some of your actions as well. Without doing it right, it might be very difficult to claim any compensation from the insurer. So what can you do? Here is some examples of things that you can do:

+ know the law well, especially the statutory time limit.
+ call the police right away after you found that the other drivers does not coperate or admit that they are at fault.
+ find all available camera footages surrounding the scene for evidences.
+ look for witnesses.
+ hire a lawyer to represent you.

You should keep in mind that the sooner you attempt to do these tasks the better for your ICBC claim.

Where to get help?

While you might be able to attempt all the tasks, some people still prefer to hire a lawyer to represent them and direct them in what to do and what not. Most of injury cases incur no legal cost upfront as the lawyers often work in a percentage basis. That is, they only get paid when you settle your injury claim.

At Steve Kooner Law Corporation, a firm of Surrey-based ICBC Lawyers, we offer premium legal advices with no obligation whatsoever.

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