Unusual Injury Symptoms Could be Dangerous!

Unusual injury symptoms are often overlooked but unfortunately could be very dangerous.

Car accident injury cases usually involve a variety of injury types. For some people, they are simply just soft tissue injury or STI, such as strain muscles. For some other unlucky ones, they might suffer brain or nerve injury, or psychological injury such as depression. Unfortunately not all the symptoms are easily spotted and identified. It is actually very common for people to underestimate their pain. Therefore, they often overlook many more serious types of injury.

An example is that when you feel numbness or shooting pain down your ligaments. This might indicate a much more serious problem than just a simple whiplash type of injury – nerve injury.


The more serious the injury is, the more effort you have to spend at resolving it. It probably involves special types of treatments and in worst case, you might need to go through a surgery. Consequently, this means that the cost it will take to resolve or at least ease out the injury could skyrocket to a very unexpected amount.

So at Steve Kooner Law Corp we always advise that you should be careful if you have any unexpected, unknown symptom. Even if it is just a small uncomfortable pain, always ask your doctor to check it.

Steve Kooner Law Corporation has been helping injured clients in more than a decade with a lot of unusual injury symptoms. With extensive experience, our team of injury lawyers always strive to suggest the best treatment options for your injury.

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