Sharing the road with cyclists

How do we as the motorists share the road safely and enjoyably with our fellow cyclists?

Continuing with our motorists-cyclists road sharing topic series from last week, let’s talk about how should we as the motorists respect our cyclists fellows. If you have not read the first part of this conversation, feel free to have a look here.

As discussed about last week, we the North American dwellers are pretty slow in catching up with the cycling culture. As a result, many of our roads do not have proper, designated bike lanes for cyclists. Consequently our cyclists are faced with road safety issues and sometime inevitably slows down the car traffic in single lane or congested roads. As a motorist, what should we do? Should we be frustrated waiting for the cyclists to speed up, especially when we are a little bit rushing? Should we demand them to stop to the side of the road just to let other vehicles pass through? Etc.


One of the crucial rule for shared road use is to respect one another. What this means is that everybody has the same right to use the road (undesirably true in the cyclist-motorist road sharing situation). So until our city has better funding for more bike lanes, let’s learn to be patient and help our fellow cyclists to have a safe commute by not dangerously pass them or honking at them.

The bottom line here is, when using or sharing the road, the most important thing is not about you or if you will reach your destination on time, it is the safety of everyone. As the “old” saying: when someone (ok I admit, I changed this a little bit!) gets hurt, nobody wins.

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