Road Rules for Cyclists

What are the road rules for cyclists?

It seems that the more developed we are, the closer you are with the environment. Cycling to work is one of such things. On well developed countries such as many European countries, South Korea or Japan, you will see a lot of bike lanes built specifically for cyclists. Bike lane is a very safe measure to separate cycling traffic from other fuel-powered transportation means. However in places like North America where roads are designed and built mostly for cars, we are living the car era for a very long period of time.

With the fast development of our society, bikes have been receiving a lot of attention from our urban dwellers. Unfortunately, sometime the infrastructure needs a lot of time to be able to catch up with the society so on many roads, cyclists often have to share the road with other engine-operated vehicles without a dedicated bike lane. This is quite a dangerous and sometime tedious situation where the cyclists cannot drive fast and do not have necessary body protection.

In such situations, it is important that all the road users to understand the road rules. This is because, unlike all motorists who already went through a comprehensive licensing procedure with many hours of driver training, cyclists only receive their road safety education unofficially, either via their parents or some private programs.


In this video series, I’ll talk about the responsibility of both cyclists and motorists when sharing the road together. Essentially in this video, the important take away is that if you are riding your bicycle, you should spend sometime understand the use of the road because in BC, you will follow the same road rule as all other motorists. This includes understanding and following the road signages, lane uses and etc. One of the example is that when you are riding your bike in slow moving traffic, do not be tempted to weave in and out among other slowly moving vehicle just to get ahead. You should always pay close attention to your surroundings and follow all the road rules.

With this information in mind, you should now be aware that car accidents do not involve only motor vehicles but it could be cyclists as well.

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