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Posted by Steve Kooner In Your Corner on Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Hit and run is one of the most frustrated cause for your car accident injury. You have no idea who caused your accident and consequently, have no one to blame or sue. While this might sound like a dead end, fortunately most of the time your vehicle insurance will be able to compensate for your loss, both physically, emotionally and for your vehicle’s damages as well. However, the compensation will not be automatically available and thus, you should not be easy going about it. In order to have a successful claim for your hit and run accident, there are usually certain legal duties you have to take.

In British Columbia, when you get injured in a hit and run accident where you do not know the party at fault, the insurance company – ICBC would still compensate for your losses, provided that you have taken adequate effort to try to identify the driver who hit you and took off. This sounds difficult, but here are a few things you can do.


You can call the police right away, get them to the accident scene and also notify ICBC about the accident right away. Remember to follow up with the police.

If there are witnesses around, try to asks for help and get their contact information. Otherwise, make sure you put up posters at the accident scene looking for witnesses. You can also put up a newspaper ad, or a craiglist ad to look for witnesses.

You can also try to see if there are camera footages around the accident scene. This is not limited to city camera but you can also look for residential security cameras nearby to see if they caught the accidents.

These are just a few example of things you can do. There are other things you have to do to fulfill your legal duties and also there is a time limit for your action.

So it is advised that if you unsure about your obligation, speak to a lawyer.

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